Beware of fake emails and fake invoices. Smart Multimedia only issues invoices in PDF format for website development, web hosting and related services.
Emails from Smart Multimedia always contain our logo and we never send ".doc" or ".docx" or ".zip" attachments.
Many Australian businesses are being targeted by scammers, despite each party having the best security in place. A flaw in the "LinkedIn" website from 2012 is the cause.
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Custom solution

Do you have a great idea for a website that might be able to make you lots of money? Do you require special features, such as Facebook integration, iPhone app development, custom component development for Joomla!, or integration between your website and another system (e.g. MYOB)? Or are you just looking for a cost-effective intranet solution?

In any of these situations, Smart Multimedia is here to help. We have expert knowledge in a wide range of software and systems that allows us to build more than just an average website.  We're also based in Brisbane (in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia), so you can feel rest assured you'll be dealing with local people (and regular timezones!).

We can provide you with a quote for any of these services upon request. Feel free to request a quote from us.