Domain names

Just starting a new business venture, or a new marketing campaign?  Then it's time to lock in your ideal domain name now!

A domain name is essential for people to get to your website - it's a must have for every site.  An example of a domain is

Register your own unique domain name so that your customers / clients / target market can find you easily.  Domain names for many top-level domains (including .com and are available.

Available options

For Australian businesses and organisations, we recommend you choose one (or more!) of the following top-level domains (TLDs):

  • .com
  • (must be an Australian organisation)

Other TLD options include:

  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .asia
  • ... and many others.


  • AUD $30 + GST
  • Domain names are charged on a yearly basis