Add-ons and extras


By default, Smart Multimedia will provide you with a contact form on your website, so that visitors can fill in their details and click a button to send their information to a nominated email address (e.g. your email address). As a bonus feature, the forms component that we use will allow you to create your own forms whenever you like, using your website administration console. Forms that you create can be as simple or as complex as you wish - so long as they follow a two-column vertical layout (field labels in left column, field boxes in right column).

Video players

Everyone these days has used or heard of YouTube - and many frequent internet users will be familiar with watching videos embedded on websites.  If you have a promotional video, show it off on your website for everyone to see!  Smart Multimedia has developed an in-house video system that allows you to easily login, upload a video (in almost any format), and have that video automatically compressed, converted to web format, and displayed on your website in a pre-defined location.  For example, you can browse to a video located on your computer, click the "Upload" button, and within minutes the video will automatically appear on your website homepage, for everyone to see.

If you'd rather stick with YouTube, Smart Multimedia can provide you with training to help you upload your videos to YouTube instead and display those videos on your website via a YouTube video player.

Photo gallery

Smart Multimedia can install and configure a photo gallery system for your website. This will allow you to upload photos, and group those photos in online "albums". Photo albums will then be displayed on the website automatically - allowing your visitors to get a sense of what you do and what you have to offer - in a clear, attractive visual format.

Event calendar

We can provide an event calendar component for your website. Events are displayed in a monthly calendar format; clicking on an event in the calendar shows a page with more detailed information about that event.  Additionally, administrator users are able to self-manage events - allowing for easy adding, editing and removing capabilities.

Interactive forum / discussion area

Smart Multimedia offers a plugin for your website that provides forum facilities (such as the ability for website users to start a new discussion, add to an existing discussion, etc). Forum moderators also have the ability to control the content of discussions in the forum - to ensure that inappropriate content is removed for example. The system also lets you login to an administration console to manage user accounts and permissions.

Language translation

Need your website to work in different languages?  Not a problem!  Smart Multimedia has the knowledge and tools to make your website multi-language compatible.  Visitors to your website will be able to navigate, read and interact in their native language, which can help boost sales.  You'll need to invest extra time or money during the content creation process, but the rewards can make it all worthwhile.  Best suited for organisations that want to reach an international market - or target specific ethnic communities locally.

Google Analytics

To measure statistics, and to track the success of your website over time, Smart Multimedia recommends Google Analytics. This product is offered for free by Google and tracks useful data such as number of page views and usage by country. Reports can be generated on a monthly basis or over a specified date range, and are both statistical and graphical - incorporating pie charts and maps.

More add-ons

Other optional extras include:

  • Blog facility
  • Members-only area on your website (members must login to see privileged information)
  • Membership database
  • Online payment facility for memberships - renewals and new memberships
  • Online payment facility for online stores - e-commerce facilities
  • Electronic newsletter facility
  • Sponorship system
  • Staff-only secure area on your website (also known as an "extranet" - similar to an "intranet" but available worldwide)
  • Google maps integration - display a map of your office / premises
  • Speed optimisation
  • Custom component development for Joomla!
  • Custom plugin development for Joomla!, including integration between Joomla! and external APIs / other systems / other websites