Simplify email sharing, storage and backup

Do you have thousands of emails filed away on your computer or on a website hosting server?  Do you have an effective email storage and backup strategy in place?  Do you lead a team of staff, who each have their own email accounts and need a way to share some emails between each other?

As email has evolved over the years, everyone has evolved their own strategies to deal with these scenarios.  Most solutions are very simplistic or clunky - and don't make the most of what email is capable of.

Our friends over at Mojo Soup have developed a cloud-based solution that simplifies the process of sharing emails between team members.  The system, Soup Mail, keeps your emails in a secured cloud environment (saving you disk space).  Simply reply to emails as you usually would, then archive them away into Soup Mail, in a folder of your choosing.  Team members can then quickly find and open any emails that they have permission to access.  Visit the website to find out more about Soup Mail, and to sign up for a free account.

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